Frieze Zona Maco

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taken from "AI_n.62_Giallo_La Tecnica"

When we say "Prancing Horse", for sure we imagine the black wild animal, the yellow background and the inimitable red of a beautiful hood of the legendary car. In fact we should also imagine the blue of the heavens in which the Major Francesco Baracca (Lugo, May 9, 1888 - Nervesa della Battaglia, June 19, 1918), ace of the First World War, he ventured with courage and great honor: "I aim to the airplane, not to the man. " The horse was in fact painted on her aircraft, perhaps taken from the crest of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment " Piemonte reale " or adopted - according to the code of the Aces - in honor of the fifth downed enemy, a native of Stuttgart. When, June 17, 1923 Enzo Ferrari won the Grand Prix Circuit of Savio, he met the Count Baracca Francesco's father. Then the Countess Baracca asked Enzo Ferrari to use on his cars the "Cavallino" of the child, as a lucky charm. The audacity of the young Enzo perhaps reminded her Francesco, lost too soon.

A very long run, then, for this horse. The beautiful cars of the Modenese house’s, able to charm at first sight and to fall in love in the first round of pistons, you can in effect be considered as "horses" by Enzo Ferrari. Take the best specimens and put them in the shelter under a giant yellow-modena hood was perhaps the right thing to do. Who knows that this was the idea behind the design of the museum designed by Andrea Morgante, founder of Shiro Studio, who designed it together with Jan Kaplicky (18 April 1937-14 January 2009). The birthplace of Enzo is the center of Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, while the modern gallery with yellow roof provides a safe haven to his creatures and a place of mystical contemplation to visitors. Overwhelmed by the colors, mesmerized by the echo of enterprises of the past, inebriated by the boldness, the courage, the Inconscience. I wonder if, once you enter the gallery, you will be able to curb the urge to climb on the backs of "horses", turn the key and go full throttle ...