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Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015
(Alessandro Benetti, no.69 Red Coral - the breaking time)

Paris Photo, the largest International trade fair dedicated to the photographic arts, established in 1996, will this year celebrate its 19th anniversary and 2015’s staging will take place from the 12th to the 15th November once again at the heart of the French capital. Not for the first time the chosen venue is the monumental hall of the Grand Palais, a precious legacy of the Esposizione Universale of 1900 and today a highly prestigious museum. What is changing though is the management of the event with Florence Bourgeois taking over after a 4-year stint by Julien Frydman. In 2014, more than 60,000 visitors came together under the vast iron and glass roof of the Palais, which on that occasion hosted 143 galleries and 26 publishers from 35 different countries around the world. Significant among last year’s innovations was the participation of the Acquisitions Récentes from the Museum of Modern Art, New York, a pioneering institution promoting the recognition of the artistic value of photography, whose archives date back to the early ‘30’s. There are developments too regarding 2015 with news of 5 principal themed areas incorporated, guaranteeing an even more elaborate examination of everything in and around the world of photography. Galleries and institutions from around the globe will present the latest additions to their collections (as part of the aforementioned Acquistitions Récentes); Archive Privé will acknowledge the fundamental role of private

archives, which safeguard and hand down over the years a priceless heritage; cognizance of the inextricable links between the photographic medium and the book as a vehicle will represent the subject of Livre Ouvert whilst Plateforme Paris Photo encapsulates the range of debates and meetings which will breathe life into the event from start to finish; an alternative part of the programme Prix du Livre represents a collaboration between Paris Photo and Aperture Foundation. And finally Agenda is a vehicle with a view to constantly updating information about events and innovation, operating throughout the year, which Paris Photo makes available to both representatives within the sector and to enthusiasts. Since 2013 Paris Photo ushers in each year in May with its Californian alternative. In the opening days of the month, Paramount Pictures Studios place at the event’s disposal three extraordinarily striking spaces: the very heart of the Studios, the stage of the Sherry Lansing Theatre and the fascinating “no place” of New York Street Backlot, a permanent stage set representing the streets of the metropolis. Among the manifold features of Paris Photo Los Angeles, special attention is drawn to the cinematographic still-frame and to the moving image, in addition to the partnership with LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) Photo Archives for the production of the exhibition UNEDITED! a selection of previously unpublished shots which this year will come from the R.J. Arnold archives.