Frieze Zona Maco

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Dark Cities
(Sergio Signorini, no.72 Black - the attraction of law)

Alleys, roads, buildings, stations, parks, churches surrounded by dark golden night; a dreamlike journey, like a long urban dream.

Sergio Signorini: «Your images principally explore that which surrounds photographic and environmental... continues

It’s just a question of light
(Andrea Tinterri, no.72 Black - the attraction of law)

Nino Migliori: «I was a young man of twenty-one, just back from the war, I had also dodged national service, on the run from the fascists, the Germans, the bombings. A terrible experience which lead me, as soon as the conflict ended, to want to rediscover what was around me, beyond home, school and refuge. With the little money I had, together with a group of friends, eating once a day, we went on a journey in a little van to discover Italy. I used my camera to tell of what we came across, particularly in... continues